How To Plant Lily Bulbs

Congratulations, your bulbs came in the mail, but what to do now? If you cannot plant the lilies right away, store them in the fridge or a cool place. We recommend getting them in the garden as soon as possible. Step 1. Make a label with the lilies’ name. If…

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2023 Fall Lily Bulbs

I am digging and shipping martagon and Asiatic lily bulbs during October. In Canada, fall is the best time to plant these perennial bulbs in the garden. The lilies will bloom next summer and multiply gradually over the years to form a clump of several flowering stems.

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2023 Asiatic Lily Bulb Fall Collection

Lilyfield Farm 2023 Asiatic Lily bulb collection for sale

We offer for your consideration the fall 2023 Asiatic Lily Collection for Canadian gardeners. These lilies have been grown from seed by, evaluated for years and selected to be named by Cheryl Siemens with the Royal Horticultural Society and now introduced at Lilyfield Farm.

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‘Flying Fire’ Asiatic Lily

Flying Fire small orange flower lily bulb from Canada Lilyfield Farm.

When choosing which lilies to select for Canadian gardens, we look for unique traits. Flying Fire is unusual in that it pollenless, easy to keep clothes and bouquets tidy. If you get up close you can see that the clear orange flower petals have green radiating up through the centre. Flying Fire is a medium-early bloomer and continues on through July.

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Fall 2023 Lily Bulbs

Lazy Wave pink perennial Asiatic tiger lily canada Fred Fellner genetics tall

Thank you for looking at our martagon and Asiatic lily bulbs available for this fall. If you order, we will notify you before they are mailed. If you selected local pick up we will let you know when they are ready.

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Thank you!

We are humbled by all the people who come out to the middle of nowhere to see a bunch of flowers growing in hot, dry weather. Visiting with you has been so good. Hearing you describe the small details of the flowers that I see every day, helps me see…

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Visiting Lilyfield Farm

Visit by Appointment Come and wander the lilies and daylilies near Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan. Located 7 Km west of Lucky Lake on Highway 42. Reddish house on North side of highway on a hill. Booking July 17th through August 4. Take pictures, get pollen on your clothes and try to…

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