‘Flying Fire’ Asiatic Lily

Flying Fire is an orange and green fall lily bulb available from Lilyfield Farm in Saskatchewan Canada.
Flying Fire

When choosing which lilies to select for Canadian gardens, we look for unique traits. Flying Fire is unusual in that it pollenless, easy to keep clothes and bouquets tidy. If you get up close you can see that the clear orange flower petals have green radiating up through the centre. Flying Fire is a medium-early bloomer and continues on through July.

Flying Fire has stood out as hardy in our zone 3 garden, all though it will do well in garden zones 1, 2 and above. As long as Asiatic bulbs get a winter, they will keep coming back perennially, forming a clump

Flying Fire orange Asiatic Lily Bulbs from Lilyfield Farm Canada

We are happy to add this vivid lily to our line of fall bulbs available.

Flying Fire small orange flower lily bulb from Canada Lilyfield Farm.

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