Thank You

Thank you for letting us serve you this year. 2021 has been our biggest lily bulb year since we lost most of our bulbs in a crop failure in 2011.

They will grow and bloom well for you. Ask us any questions about care or breeding, we here to help. If there is any mix up or problem we will make it right, do not hesitate to let us know.

Orange lily thank you seedling lilyfield farm 2021 Cheryl Siemens Saskatchewan

Summer Blooms!

Thank you for buying your daylilies from us this year. We are done shipping daylilies until next spring.

The lily list will go up this summer. We have a small selection available for fall shipping.

Looking forward to this summer of hybridizing and visitors to the garden.

2021 Daylily List

Lilyfield’s Daylily catalogue is now open. Again we have good hardy varieties, a few from Canadian hybridizers.

Shipping is free over $50.00, on all other orders it is $9 ( approximately half of actual cost). Shipping is late May, to June.

We have three new introductions for 2021.

Summer Vacay reminds me of cranberry and ginger ale in my grandma’s back yard.

Summer Vacay red raspberry cranberry dark pink hardy daylily for sale lilyfield farm saskatchewan canada
Summer Vacay

I’ve had this seedling lined out for years, just waiting. It is named Prosecco for it’s coloring, diamond dusting and bubbly edges.


And finally we have Old Fashion Plain for the Tim Horton’s Donut and the “heritage” appearance without the bad habits.

Heritage type daylily Old Fashion Plain orange Lilyfield Farm for sale
Old Fashion Plain

Winter 2020 Seed

For winter 2020 we are offering a few packets of seed. Free shipping.

Daylily Seed From Lilyfield Farm
Daylily seeds.

Daylily seeds are easy to handle and with enough light, grow into sturdy plants indoors in the winter months.

Lily seed from Lilyfield farm
Lily seeds.

Asiatic lily seeds are like bits of brown paper. They are candled, to make sure an embryo is present. Their first leaves are grass like. You can start them in winter in a window or under lights.

Dalhansnoii lighter
Dalhansonii martagon lily.

Martagon lilies are those down facing turks cap lilies with whorled leaves that enjoy shade. These seeds require 3 months warm in peat moss and then 3 months in the fridge. Then they will produce their first leaves.

Click here to view what is available.