Daylily Seedlings

Seeds placed in moist potting soil January 2023.. If planted out in the garden in April 2023, these should bloom in August 2024.

Iced Coffee & Daylilies

I came across this photo from last summer. First thing in the morning I wander the daylilies admiring the blooms, a coffee in hand. One time my nephew and nieces collected 9 coffee cups strewn throughout the garden, set down when weeds needed pulling or blooms needed pollinating. In the heat of the day a cold coffee is just right, here is what gets chucked in a cup.

Easy Iced Coffee

1 teaspoon instant coffee – you figure out the strength you like

A splash of cream

A pinch of sugar, or not

Water & Stir


Iced Coffee & Flowers


Lily and Daylily seed lilyfield canada

Lily and daylily seed are now available to purchase. Mixes are up on the catalogue now, individual crosses will be added. Free shipping.

Lily Bulb Shipping

Lily Bulbs will be mailed starting September 19th. We continue to take orders into October. Let us know if you have a specific time you need bulbs shipped.

Garden Visits

Plan to visit Lilyfield near Lucky Lake, SK, to wander, get covered in pollen, photograph or take home a few new plants. Lilies are going full blast and daylilies are just beginning. Message or call to book a time that works for you July 23 through July 30th, August 1 through August 6th. 306 858 7191

Daylilies and lilies are dug fresh for you during your visit. The online catalogue will be updated in Fall for lily bulbs and in spring for daylilies.