Lilyfield Daylilies: Your Questions Answered

I hope these answer some of your Lilyfield Farm daylily questions. If you have unanswered questions, let me know.

What are Lilyfield’s introduction daylilies?

Lilyfield’s introductions are our own original daylilies. We have either hand hybridized the seed that the daylily originates from or we have carefully selected the daylily from seed that have originated from other growers. Lilyfield’s introductions are our own unique plants that are genetically different than other daylilies. They go through years of trial before being selected, multiplied and introduced into the world.

This year’s introductions will have the name followed by (LF 2024). Lilyfield’s previously released daylilies will have (LF) after the name and more details like the year of introduction and story of the flower in the description.

When do the daylilies I order get mailed?

Your daylilies will be shipped when they are actively growing and robust. This is usually at the end of may through June. You will be notified of when they will be mailed, with a tracking number.

If you order daylilies in early to mid-May, it may be weeks before they are actually dug, washed and mailed.

What carrier are the daylilies shipped with?

We use Canada Post, because that is what is available in our remote location. Include your mailing address which may be a PO Box or a street address, whichever lets Canada Post get your delivery to you.

Do I have to order Lilyfield’s farm-bred daylilies?

No you don’t. If you like the other varieties we offer, then by all means order them. We enjoy them too, they are good cultivars, many of them we use to breed with. There are a few unusual forms that are in those listings, like ‘Dances With Giraffes’ that are a fun addition.

Is there is minimum order?

Nope, order what works for you.

What will the plants be like when they arrive?

The leaves will likely start turning yellow the longer they are away from sunlight. If you want, you can strip some of those leaves off and then plant them. Once they are planted, be patient, they will develop both new leaves and new roots as they settle into their garden.

What do the abbreviations mean in the listings?

In the About Section, past Our Story we have lots of information on daylily abbreviations and what to expect from your order.

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