Old Fashion Plain (LF)


2021, SIEMENS, 50″,Tet,DOR,M  (Fooled Me x Tet Spindazzle) x Notify Ground Crew

Our  third introduction in the tall series is Old Fashion Plain standing at 50 inches.  Great visual impact with orange flowers on sturdy stems. Old Fashion Plain is disease resistant with numerous blooms for midseason impact. It forms a nice well behaved clump. When you want to divide the clump, the roots easily tease apart.  Although it is not a heritage daylily, it has the same appearance without the bad habits of spreading like a weed or floppy stems.

Medium orange with a red eyezone, Old Fashion Plain is an easy garden plant.   Flowers fold up neatly when they are done, leaving a tidy plant for the next day.

The stems are sturdy, easily tested out on the prairie with no protection from our winds.

Old Fashion Plain was selected the year thousands of seedlings and cultivars died over winter, due to disease from 2016’s rainfall and humidity. All Notify Ground Crew offspring thrived including this one. Healthy foliage rounds out this great tall garden plant.

This tall orange daylily is suitable as a focal point in a garden bed or in a mass planting in a lake cottage landscape accompanied by Karl Foerster grass and salvia.

Old Fashion Plain is my favourite donut at Tim Hortons.


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