Next Year Country (LF)


Next Year Country (Siemens, 2017)
height 27 in.(68 cm), bloom 4.5 in.(11 cm), season E, Dormant, Tetraploid, 16 buds, 2 branches, Orange with a maroon red eye and edge.. (Lava Flow × Felecia Grace)

Registered in 2017 and introduced in 2018. This plant was one of the first ones from seed grown when we moved to our house in the country. Started in 2010, it has increased so well with stunning bloom. The vivid blooms are on 27 inch scapes. The drought of 2017 didn’t affect it. Next Year Country is named from my dad, a grain farmer, whose optimistic attitude has sustained him through the volatile life of a farmer. Anyone remember 1988, or hail storms that wiped all the crop out, or the seeder whose axles break off in the middle of a road (yesterday)? This one is for him!

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