How To Plant Lily Bulbs

Congratulations, your bulbs came in the mail, but what to do now?

Easy Lily Bulb Planting

If you cannot plant the lilies right away, store them in the fridge or a cool place. We recommend getting them in the garden as soon as possible.

Step 1. Make a label with the lilies’ name. If you don’t care about names, it is good to mark the planting spot anyways to mitigate the new sprout being broken in spring when cleaning out flower beds.

Step 2. Dig a hole in well drained soil, if you need to amend with peat moss, compost or a teaspoon of 11-51-0 fertilizer do so now. If the soil is very dry add a little water.

Step 3. Shake any packing material like the vermiculite that comes to protect the bulb, into the hole. Work it in with your hands.

Step 4. Place the bulb in the hole with the roots at the bottom and the noses facing up to the sky.

Step 5. Cover and water.

Step 6. If the bulb is planted on an exposed, freeze-thaw prairie hill, we recommend covering with straw or another mulch for the winter. Give the lily a chance it’s first growing cycle.

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