Starting Lily Seed – Coffee Filter Method

Although lily seed can be started in potting soil, sprouting on a coffee filter or paper towel can be a good way to regulate moisture and observe germination.

Place lily seeds on a damp coffee filter in a clean clear container and put on a lid. Keep moist, adding a little water if the filter starts to dry out. Remove any moldy seeds. If necessary a solution of 1 part household bleach or hydrogen peroxide to 9 parts water can be used as a rinse or spritz. 18 degrees C, and no supplemental light required.
Day 10, they are starting to sprout. Keep them in a place where you walk by and monitor moisture.
Condensation is good.
25 days after placing on moist coffee filter.
There is a tiny little bulb with a root forming.
Gently plant in moist, well drained potting soil
Plant root about 1cm deep. Keep the seed up in the air!
They are ready to be put under lights or a window sill. Next a true leaf will be forming.

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