2020 Lily Introductions

2020 brings Lilyfield’s first four lily introductions since hybridizing began over 10 years ago. We are standing on the shoulders of Fred Fellner, Ed Brooman, and Ed Robinson with two of these introductions. Special thanks to the members of the South Saskatchewan Lily Society.

Hybridizing at the Rens Yard in 2010.

We also offer a mix of unlabeled bulbs for your garden needs.

Prices are for a single bulb, the unlabeled mix is 3 bulbs.

Also available are some older varieties of martagons which are shade loving lilies.

Free shipping on orders over $50.00. Otherwise $9.00. Click here to order online.

Sask Landing Yellow lily bulb
Sask Landing is yellow with a blushed fuzzy centre.
Spring Lake Red Asiatic Lily Bulb Lilyfield Farm Saskatchewan Bulb For Sale
Spring Lake is a blood red.
Kinda Sketchy Asiatic Lily Flower Bloom Lilyfield Farm Saskatchewan Bulb for Sale.
Kinda Sketchy is a pale peach cream with sketch marks.
Devilled Eggs Asiatic Lily Bulb New Flower Lilyfield Farm for sale
A short yellow with a speckling of paprika.

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