2014 Select Seedlings

Z02 Lava Flow x Felecia Grace


Z02 The moment this one bloomed it was an easy selection.  It opens well with good budcount. It will be interesting to see how tough it is given its parentage.  From our orange breeding program comes a baby out of Lava Flow.




Y24 Abraham Lincoln x Undercover Angel


Y24  Out of Undercover Angel and a pink.  It is nice to see a cream background on an eye and edge instead of the usual buff colour.





Melon Mabou Seedling Y05


Pink Mabou Seedling Y26


Y05 and Y26 are two of four selections out of a cross with  Melanie Mason’s Mabou.  They are easy bloomers with good plant habit.  Y05 is a cold morning opener which is great for cool August mornings in Saskatchewan.

Dragon Fang select daylily seedling


Z01 is out of Gossard breeding.  A big bold red that has immediate garden impact.  Dragon Fang is the pod parent.

Victorian Lace Seedling


Victorian Lace select seedling


X13 is a Victorian Lace seedling.  So far it appears to be not very pod fertile.  Of all the “white” cultivars in the garden this one has the best plant habit and budcount.

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