Daylily Availability

We have started listing daylilies for the 2020 season that we know will be up in April. Other varieties we wait for spring and green growth before updating the online store inventory. Winters bring many freeze thaws, and we want to make sure anything we list, has made it through the winter.

Daylilies cleaned and labeled for shipping.
Daylilies emerging in spring.
Daylily seedlings growing in the field 2019.

Peruse the daylilies here.

Know them by daylily, day lily, daylillie, Daylilly, hemerocallis, they are all the same thing. The flowers bloom for a single day, but there are many buds that open throughout the season. Daylilies do well in western and eastern Canada, We would be interested in hearing feedback from anyone in the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut.

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