Too Good To Be True

Wouldn’t it be neat to have a blue tinted lily like this?

Fake Blue Lily Seeds
Free shipping too!

Or 1000 rainbow roses?

Photoshop allows for some nice image manipulation.

Or seeds for this green daylily?

Did they just use an Instagram filter?

The previous flowers are all fake or scam items for sale online, the sellers have put up images that don’t reflect reality.

Economics of a $1.00 packet of seed.. In Canada costs will start at $2.00 for postage and packaging materials to mail seeds that are protected in a bubble mailer, let alone the value of the seed. Consider the $1.00 blue lily seed with free shipping, 475 sold, all fake. Putting that money towards quality legit seeds or a vanilla latte at Basket-Full may be a better option.

I’d share an actual coffee photo but my 3 year old niece was wielding the camera last time we were there…

Plant breeders are working towards advancements like blue and multicolored. It takes time. There are daylilies that have blueish purple in them. There are lilies that have more than one color on a petal, just not like that photoshopped rose image.

Daylily with a bit of Purple Blue
This daylily out of my River Walks and Lattes shows hint of blue purple. I wouldn’t go about calling it a blue daylily. Reality and all that.
This lily growing in my yard from Fred Fellner has a red-pink flower and white stripes emanating from the center.

Now on to the actual seeds. Yes, a buyer will probably get seeds in the mail from the sketchy online source. They may be for a field crop or lawn. People order daylily seeds, and they turn out be canola seeds. Rainbow rose seeds, that are rose seeds, when they bloom do not resemble a rainbow.

Ebay feedback seed scammer seller.
Check out the feedback. This seller was actually based in the US.

Pretty easy to put grass or coriander into little baggies and mail it off.

Here, seeds are carefully made, crosses recorded, shelled and sorted.

Ask a seller for pictures of the seed and what their growing practices are.

Now where to buy seed?

Join the North American Lily Society and buy lily seeds from the exchange. They have discounted prices for their older seed.

Buy off of The Lily Auction which is a site for daylily seeds.

You can find many legitimate sources for seed on online. Look for seed sellers or exchanges in your province or country. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

We list here on the website as well at these links on Ebay and Etsy.

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