Of Value (LF)


2023, SIEMENS 28″,Tet,4″,Dor, Mid-season

Ruffled raspberry-pink flowers with a halo watermark above a lime throat rest on well branched scapes. This high bud-count daylily is hardy and beautiful in our zone 3 garden. Grown out in the field for several years it was selected becuase of it’s many flowers and splendid beauty. It is a privelidge to play around with flowers and see the outcomes of crosses with our own daylilies. Of Value is out of our own In Sight of White.

“Play is the creation of value that is not necessary.” is attributed to the American thinker Dallas Willard. The only things of value in this universe are people and their experiences, we get to experience playing with flowers, with air, with soil, with sun and pollen. Out of the love, energy and intellect that is in God’s nature, God was just playin’ around when the cosmos were set in place. Like a child intentionally creating in a sandbox, it is unecessary and yet of great value.

(Mabou x Memorial to Steve) x In Sight of White

Sdlng # K01 (Y11 x ISOW)

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