Alpenglow Hour (LF 2024)


Height: 48 inches (122 cm), Season: Midseason, Branches: W, Buds: 18
Diameter: 7 inches (12.7 cm),Bloom Habit: Nocturnal
Foliage: Dormant

‘Alpenglow Hour’s’ yellow eyezone turns into a pink halo spreading out onto huge floppy peachy pink curved flower petals. The petals are gently ruffled matching the wide open characteristics of the whole bloom. ‘Alpenglow Hour’ radiates warmth as several blooms open at once. ‘Alpenglow Hour’ is cold garden zone hardy, tall, disease resistant and a cold morning opener. Settling into your perennial garden, ‘Alpenglow Hour’ will make a clump quickly and bloom where you plant her.

(Notify Ground Crew (Belle of Ashwood x Bass Gibson)x Barbara White)
Seedling #G02 Cross #C0232

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