Avas Hill (Siemens, 2023)


(LF 2023)  13 flowers, upfacing, medium .9m or 3 ft, mid-season, tetraploid


Delicate details catch your eye as you slow down and enjoy Avas Hill.
Avas Hill has creamy 4.75 inch flowers. Dark plum nectaries radiating from a white centre extend onto warm yellow petals that change to soft pink at the tips. Older flower fade to cream replacing the pink before cleanly falling off. The well spaced flowers face up and are ideal for cutting and in the garden. Secondaries (a second flower stem off the main one) increase the length of bloom for this understated but strong lily.
Named for the hill in Miskolc, Hungary where you can wander by wine cellars and up to the TV tower to take in the city and the surrounding countryside.
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