The Super Hardy

Yukon Spring single (800x800)

Yukon Spring, Bryan Culver

Mahogany Belle Twins (640x480) (640x480)

Mahogany Belle, Bryan Culver

Twist of Lemon true (800x600)

Twist of Lemon, H. Brooks

Miss Jessie (800x600)

Miss Jessie, Hardy

Stars My Destination (800x600)

Stars My Destination, L.Michaels.

Ever So Elegant Clump (800x600)

Ever So Elegant, Lorrain/Lycett




The winter of 2013-2014 led to the selection of a few super hardy daylilies for zone 3.  No tree, snow, or mulch protection -30C plus windchill.  All that was left in the open were these six. Winter 2014-2015 should lead to more discoveries as January had 2 weeks of no snow cover and plus temperature.

Karl suggests that when working with our growing conditions, a medium should be considered instead.  Using round straw bales as a snow catch would make a huge difference to chances of a daylily living through winter here. Still it is fun to discover which plants are above the rest when it comes to sheer cold/freeze-thaw hardiness.  He has a point, and I will likely choose some sort of winter protection if anything is to thrive in the open.  At the same time the test for super hardiness in seedlings and cultivars without any winter protection will continue.

There are two that I would consider close to the above in hardiness, but they had other plants near them that may have contributed to a bit of snow catch.

Eyepod_twins (800x600)

Eyepod, Bryan Culver

Big Bird (800x600)

Big Bird, Griesbach-Klehm

Botrytis Resistance


It took 40 years before weather conditions were wet enough for botrytis to affect lilies here at the farm in Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.  Since 2010 botrytis resistance has been an obvious goal.  Here are three cultivars that show good resistance. Tetraploid pollen used on Iowa Rose results in easy seed.  Poorer results on Morden Butterfly.  Not Centurion being a diploid asiatic lily is easy to breed with.

Not Centurian (800x600)

Not Centurion

Morden Butterfly - Copy (800x600)

Morden Butterfly, W.G. Ronald

Iowa Rose (4) (800x800)

Iowa Rose, Prochaska, Hartle-Gilman