Wild (LF 2024)


Height: 22 inches (56 cm), Season: Midseason, Branches: 3, Buds: 21
Diameter: 4 inches (12.7 cm),Bloom Habit: Diurnal
Foliage: Dormant

‘Wild’ is saturated with deep wine splashed over it’s cream petals. This wildly beautiful daylily has been a workhorse in the garden for over thirteen years. From the first bloom until now it was one of the “keepers”. Used as part of the breeding program, it gives it’s babies fantastic and unique eyes. Not only does ‘Wild’ have a thick border and ruffled petals, it is hardy out in the field, minimal water and freeze-thaws during winter, and there it stays and multiplies.

Standing at just shy of a 2 feet tall, ‘Wild’ will fit nice into a perennial border.

(Bold Heritage x (Gavin Petit))
Seedling #BHGP

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