Prairie Elevator (LF)


2019, SIEMENS, 47″,Tet,4.50″,DOR,M 5 way branching, 25 buds (Eye Pad x Notify Ground Crew)

Our  second introduction in the tall series is Prairie Elevator.  It is named for the magnificent grain handling landmarks that are becoming rare across Canada.

Creamy yellow with a tangerine eyezone, Prairie Elevator is a remarkable garden plant.  The ruffled flowers are nocturnal, meaning they open up the evening before to present a perfectly shaped flower every morning. It is a cold morning opener and an early morning opener, great for people who want to tour their garden before work, coffee cup in hand.  The flowers have excellent substance and can withstand a day of rain. Flowers fold up neatly when they are done, leaving a tidy plant for the next day.

The stems are sturdy, easily tested out on the prairie with no protection from our winds.

Prairie Elevator was selected the year thousands of seedlings and cultivars died over winter, due to disease from 2016’s rainfall. All Notify Ground Crew offspring thrived including this one. Healthy foliage rounds out this great tall garden plant.


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