Fadeaway Girl (Siemens, 2023)


(LF 2023)  15 flowers, outfacing, tall height 1.14m or 3.75 ft, mid-season, Diploid


It is finally time to introduce this special pollenless lily that came from the first lily seeds I ever started.
Fadeaway Girl is tall and unusual, you might say weird. Standing tall at just under 4 feet it will give a month long show of pink fading to lavender. The 4″ flowers are a true pink that fade as they age and new ones open. Magenta spots are dusted halfway up the petals. The green reverse shows through amid a white centre and green nectaries. The petals are thick and strong, falling tidely to the ground as they eventually fadeaway completely. This lily is a good breeder, it sets seeds easily with diploid pollen.
Shares with the Martha Grimes book of the same name.
Seedling name:
Orig BPB sdlng
17-231 Orange spreckled 1b sdlng x Baby Pink Bells

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